TOP 5 FREE CRM Applications in the Market

What is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an approach companies use to oversee their interactions with current and potential clients. A CRM uses data analysis on a customers’ history with a company to improve business relationships, specifically retention, to drive sales growth. It is also a secure application to store information.

During the period when data breaches ran rampant, most businesses didn’t have the means to secure customers details and interactions. This also includes sensitive corporate information. But now, growing businesses who need their data logically arranged and securely kept can purchase an application or get one online for free. With information shared between colleagues, access limitations can be put in place to prevent unwanted breaches. Your staff feels confident on how to proceed with a prospect or customer as they are guided by an interaction history and a profile record.

You, on the other hand, feel safe that the vast information you’ve legally accumulated over the years cannot be stolen or wiped out. Customer relationships grow and collaboration within the business stays smooth.

These are the solutions that CRM applications are designed to do. With a central place to organize all details of your leads and customers, it’s easy for everyone on your team to gain insight into the state of your business, and the status of every customer relationship.

Here are the TOP 5 FREE CRMs’ today:

1. Hubspot

The number 1 free CRM tool in the market today packs a wallop when it comes to well built and effective features. Capabilities included are company database,  customized views, drag-and-drop communicator, social media, and website, email, and phone integration. You can adopt this application quickly and don’t need to change your existing workflow. The product offers beginner-friendly features and does not confuse users with complex usage. For these reasons, it’s a good fit for small to large businesses in any industry and niche. It’s perfect for offshore employees or virtual assistants to use.

Create a FREE account at:

2. Freshsales

This is a single contact management system that you can control thousands of leads. It offers standard tools of legacy CRM solutions and some unique ones of its own. It also has advanced features like call routing, affiliate management, auto-dialers, and call recording. Designed for small to mid-market firms focused on both attracting and preserving leads.

3. Zoho

Another smart system you can put in charge of your relationship management activity. No need to worry that your free selection might be too basic as all essential features are included. You get to use tools like lead and contact management, purchase control, sales pipeline management, sales force automation, CRM workflow management, and account management.

Create a FREE account at:

4. Insightly

This is cloud-based premium CRM software solution is created for small businesses and also offers appropriate modules for large establishments. Main features include contact management, pipeline management, task management, customized fields, and filters. Fully-featured packages are delivered at a moderate fee. On its own, they offer one of the most decent free plans in the CRM industry. Applications can be accessed using Android, iOS, and Kindle mobile platforms. Plus, it integrates effortlessly with leading business systems such as Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Evernote, Office, and MailChimp.

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5. Really Simple Systems

This truly simple system with free support is designed for small businesses. It’s a cloud-based operation and packs just the right widgets that small offices may need to send emails, train staff as well as find, check and analyze critical data. The truly impressive part is automated synchronization, as it guarantees that no vital information will slip through the cracks. Most of this system’s awesome features (including sales automation and connections with accounting software) are available for free.

If you’re just getting started with your business and you’re looking to maximize your profit these free tools is a big help. Another way to increase your profit is to hire the Virtual Assistant.

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