Social Media Marketing: Best Platform to jumpstart your business

In this time of age, everything now is digital. All the information that you need can be found on the internet and using social media as your marketing platform will be perfect for your business. We have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube or Pinterest. That’s a lot, right? Are you confused now? Let’s try to understand which Social Media platform will be best for you and your business.


Facebook is perfect tool in building your brand. It has a really nice feature where you can create your own business page and separate all your personal to your business. This is really helpful in building customer loyalty as it focuses in relationships and connections.


Although this platform is only limited to 140 characters, it is actually perfect for sharing news and helps you boost your company’s public relations. Twitter is very big in hashtags which helps people search relevant information about a particular topic and suggest trending posts related to your frequently visited searches.


The home of “How-To-Do-Things”. This is where you can search for reviews on a particular product. You can even search for videos if  here’s anything that you need to know. This makes YouTube a great platform for your potential customers to be aware of your brand by ads where the customers can click through or watch video ads about your business.


This is more of a professional platform. Majority of LinkedIn users are business owners. You can use LinkedIn if you want to develop your business. This is also where you can establish your credibility with other business owners as well. And since this is a platform used by professionals, this is where you can also get more qualified leads. Cons? Your interaction is limited.


“Perfect haven for window shoppers”. This is where you can easily show your products through photos. An attractive visual is also the key for us to get a potential customer. Instagram is perfect for you to showcase more of your brand and entice the potential customer with the products or services that your brand has to offer. This is perfect for retail business, beauty or food businesses. Cons? You can only post photos. So you have to make sure that your photo is visually enticing.


Aiming to showcase your expertise? This is perfect. You can build your network through Google+. It can also help you boost your business for search engine optimization. It is not widely used and not everyone knows about Google+. It’s really a great way to up your presence online and be searchable while everyone is not yet aware of how powerful Google+ is.


Just like Instagram, you can only search for images on Pinterest. You have to make sure that your post is visually appealing to your potential customers. This is perfect for arts and crafts, makeups and retail products. Pinterest can help you stand out and generate leads through your graphic designs by connecting your website to your ads
so when your potential customer clicks through the image that you posted, it will route them to your website. Pretty cool, huh?

There’s a lot of Social Media Platform that you can use to help you grow your business and all of them has their own pros and cons. The best platform really depends on what your business needs. It’s nice to run them all, just make sure you can be consistent to your posts. If you can’t really handle all the work load, Virtual Tribe can help you make sure of your presence through a virtual assistant. Hire a virtual assistant toady!


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