Is it time to hire an assistant?

When is it time to hire an assistant? What capabilities do you require from them? These are some questions you need to answer when hiring an assistant. Hiring an assistant is an important decision as a wrong choice can be detrimental to the business you worked so hard to build. Assistants, handle a wide range of functions which allow you to focus on key matters in your company. They can give you the freedom to create a fantastic business making them a good investment indeed.

The following are the signs, that you need an Assistant:

You are overwhelmed by tasks. When you first started your business, you were a one-man workforce. As your business grew, you find yourself constantly strapped for time to finish tasks causing a missed appointment, a rescheduled meeting or a delay in paperwork. Get an assistant to handle repetitive tasks and never miss an important appointment.

You don’t know what to do first. When you delegate, it allows you to distribute and prioritize your daily workload. Focus on responsibilities that only you can handle and assign the rest to an assistant.

Lack of work-life balance. Don’t allow work to eat up your personal time. The inability to separate work from your personal time reflects a lack of discipline. Have a strict schedule. Assign a place in your home for work only. But if after everything your job still takes up your personal time, hire an assistant to help.

Family issues keep popping up. Your lack of work-life balance results to this. Your family has an integral role in your work life. They may not have the skills to help grow your business but their support and understanding is important. Spend as much time with them, set aside some days in the week doing activities or going on trips so when you get too busy to be with them they’ll understand.

No time for fun. Keep yourself engaged, driven and happy in what you do by having time for play. I know leaving your problems behind is easier said than done but, if you have time to assess where these problems come from, you’ll be surprised that it’s the little things that cause it. Prevent huge problems by managing them while they’re small. Hire an assistant and have peace of mind knowing that the little tasks at work get immediately handled before they balloon to problems that take a lot of your time to fix. You get opportunities to nurture relationships with your clients by probably a round of golf, an evening out or simply end the day with a smile on your face.

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